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4 September , 2007:


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(4 September, 2007)
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With the popularity of candles increasing on a fairly constant basis it's no wonder that not only businesses that sell candles but consumers as well are turning to wholesale candles. Wholesale candles are an economical way to give your home that warm glow that only candles can provide and they are a great way for candle selling businesses to make additional cash off of something that is in such high demand these days. The only real difference in wholesale candles is the price. The candles are just as beautiful and often you can even find spectacular handmade candles for wholesale prices too. It's quite obvious how businesses can benefit from switching to wholesale candles but there are a number of ways for such businesses to present their new candles. There are also a number of ways in which consumers can make good use of wholesale candles as well. Here we will discuss various ideas for both businesses and consumers to make good use of wholesale candles.

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There are a number of small businesses that sell candles. Individuals who run craft booths at such events as flea markets, bazaars, and craft shows often will sell candles so what better way to make money from them than to buy wholesale. When you buy candles at these prices the profit margin increases dramatically. You also have the opportunity to present such candles in different ways that may help increase your sales. The thing about wholesale candles, and especially wholesale handmade candles, is that you can purchase them in a variety of different shapes and sizes. These different shapes and sizes give you the chance to package your candles in a number of creative ways. Both small and large pillar candles look great when they are wrapped in some sort of cellophane or a sheer piece of cloth. You can find a wide variety of colors to do this with and pair them with different colored candles if you want to get creative and then tie the tops of the material with different kinds of ribbon, bows, or string. For fall colored candles maybe you could use straw to tie the material or for the holiday season maybe a piece of metallic ribbon. The possibilities are endless when it comes to packaging pillars because the shape makes them so easy to work with. And when you add pretty packaging customers tend to feel like their getting something a little extra, that their not just buying a candle but a pretty holiday decoration as well. For wholesale tapered candles you can find decorative ways to tie pairs or more of candles together. Using the same idea as with pillars you can make those plain, simple tapered candles seem more like a holiday decoration and less like just a candle. By going online and doing a Google search you can find a number of additional great ideas as to how you can make your wholesale candles special and start bringing in more customers with your beautiful decorative candles.

Wholesale candles are also great for individual consumers. Many people use candles as a decorative feature to their home but it is difficult to burn them when you think about how much you actually spend on the candles. Buying wholesale allows you to enjoy the beauty of the candles in your home and not feel guilty when you want to burn them, even if its not a special occasion. Consumers can also make use of wholesale candles during the holidays or on birthdays or other special occasions. Candles gift baskets make great Christmas presents, birthday presents, or even gifts for such gatherings as baby and bridal showers. When you buy the candles wholesale you'll be saving so much money that you can really put your heart into a beautiful gift basket. You will want to start by putting some sort of filler into a gift basket or bag. Easter grass works great for baby shower gift baskets because the pastel colors tie in wonderfully. For other holidays such as Christmas you may try cutting up different color ribbons in strips to fill the basket with. After you fill the baskets or bag you will want to pick out a number of different sized and shaped wholesale candles to fill the basket with. Pillars make a lovely addition to any candle gift basket but you will want to mix in some other candles to such as votives, and pillars. Next you will want to add in a little something extra, small chocolates make a nice addition to gift baskets as well as small decorative bars of soap or bath beads. Once you place everything in the basket you are then ready to wrap the basket in some type of plastic or netting. It's best to use something that you can see through so that you can show off your beautiful gift basket full of wholesale candles. Finally you will want to tie of the basket with a beautiful ribbon. It's best to curl the ribbons and leave them hanging at different lengths in order to add an elegant touch. Now you have a beautiful gift basket perfect for any occasion.

Another great idea for wholesale candles is to use them to decorate for the holidays. You can go online and find instructions to make festive candle holders for any season and any size candle. Wholesale candles are a great way to add holiday dcor to your living room, your dining room, or even your bathroom. And with so many different colors that you can find in wholesale candles the options are endless. The wholesale candles will even give your home a festive smell too. Fill the air during the holiday season with the comforting smell of cinnamon-apple, or evergreen and you will be sure to be in the holiday spirit. Wholesale candles are great for so many things and that's why so many people are buying their candles wholesale these days rather than at the store. So go online and look for wholesale candles and you will be on your way to enjoying great candles at great prices.